Gratitude #17: My bike.. Really?

For those who have trouble having to start with the practice of ‘gratitude’. here is an easy tip to start.

Start with physical objects.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?  Is there a gadget, or piece of equipment, that you’re grateful for?  What objects do you own now that, just a few years ago, were only a dream?

I am grateful for my wonderful bike that transports me safely to and fro!

Thank you, my bike 🙂

Inspired by Sifu Anthony’s tip post on Flowing Zen!


Gratitude #16: ‘It’s enough’

I am grateful to have such a fantastic circle of family, inspiration around me who are really chilled, happy and are satisfied with what they have.

They who are more than willing to say ‘It’s enough’.

Gratitude #13: Women in my Life

In retrospect I remember and appreciate with my sincerest of gratitudes to the women in life – to mention – my grandmother, my mother, my wife and my daughter.

Thank you God for such blessings.

I want to take this moment to appreciate all the other women also.

Sisters, friends, colleagues and others who were part of my life and sharing their lives with me. I am indeed blessed!

Gratitude # 12: When God Manifests in Children

My mom shared a gyaan when she said, “It is for this exact reasons you have children. Even 1000 eyes wouldn’t suffice.” On another note, my father quipped, “Kutty Devadai!” (Little Angel). They were talking about my cute little daughter.

I was amazed to look at the smile in my daughter’s face and blessed to be sharing time with her. I am thankful for God – that it is not that she is in our hands; we are with her hands.