Gratitude #19 – 23: Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Gratitude-Zig ZiglarI was recently browsing through the net on negative thinking and of course on positive thinking. I came across this wonderful article, 10 Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts at TinyBuddha blog.

Tip #9 states: “List five things that you are grateful for right now.”

I immediately took my pen and notebook to write it down. Here is my list:

The writer states, ‘Being grateful helps appreciate what you already have.’ I couldn’t agree more with her.

  • Gratitude #19: While millions of people are out there working in the sun, I am happy to be here working in a comfortable and relaxing environment.
  • Gratitude #20: I’m happy to have enough wealth and abundance that I don’t have to worry about the next meal of the day.
  • Gratitude #21: I’m grateful for the wonderful family (my wife, my cute little girl, my parents and others) for their support – and who actually put up with my tantrums and still accept me. And still wish me well! (You can’t beat that!)
  • Gratitude #22: More than two-thirds of world population can’t read this. Even more, don’t have access to this information that you are currently reading now. I’m simply grateful to the amount of access to such knowledge and wisdom that enrich my life everyday.
  • Gratitude #23: It is an opportunity, a blessing indeed, bestowed upon me to have the responsibility to serve the low-income communities from the bottom of the pyramid (BoP) segment. After all, I am the Manager for BoP programs in my company. Gratitude for that 🙂

So now take your pen and paper. What is your five things that you are grateful for right now?


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