Gratitude #30 Fear of Unknown – Lifted

There was an important meeting I had to attend. And the long journey to the city didn’t help.

While contemplating upon the what to do, I chanced upon using Seneca’s Negative Visualization exercise. I imagined what is the worst possible scenario that could happen during the meeting.

  1. The person on the other side of the table simply may not have the same purpose in taking this assignment
  2. I was imagining what if I was not able to convince the other party to arrive at a mutually beneficial consensus.
  3. Despite the conversation, nothing may go forward

While it was scary for me to think through the worst-case scenario, it slowly brought an unusual sense of ‘tranquility’. I told myself, ‘Even it happens, it is okay!’.

But what happened was whole different story. I had a great conversation. The person on the other side was more prepared and in fact planned out how to take things forward. It was great!

I thank god for making this event happen in such a smooth way.

I recommend you to take a minute to thing of those moments, events that might have scared you, but eventually turned out well. Take it as an opportunity to feel grateful for the providence in play. Thank you, God!


Gratitude #29: Peace with the Past

Dr.Wayne Dyer frequently shares about his difference with his father. He writes about he finally took up the courage to forgive him.

It happened me recently. I was given an opportunity to forgive myself and to be forgiven of my mistakes. I felt accepted.

I must say, I did made peace with the past.

Thank you God, for providing me this chance to reconcile myself. Thank you!

Gratitude #28: The Push and the Pull

I just published my 6th blog in a row in 6 days – at my personal website – SathyaWrites.

I never had that consistency.

Sometimes you feel you want to do something so badly! You plan for it. Strategise. And schedule!

But, nothing happens 🙂

But there are some other times, when you don’t plan. Don’t intent. Never even think about it. But you feel like things automatically happen!

I felt that happen today.

Mark Forster talks about this as ‘push’ versus ‘pull’ mode of achieving one’s goal. Most of the time, our instinct tells us to use the ego-centered ‘push’ mode – we even get amazing things get done. No kidding!

But it is so stressful! Even I end up hating the person I have become after that push and prode. The achievement itself takes a back seat.

Have you felt like that ever before?

But this time, it was different. 6 posts in 6 days with perfect consistency. I am feeling like divinity in action.

I thank that all-encompassing providence for such a intervention. And this makes it the 7th post in a row!

Thank You!


Gratitude #26: Purpose – I want to…

It was a powerful moment for me.

I blurted out my personal purpose before a room full of unknown people.

“I want to be happy, peaceful and impactful” I said.

More than the sentence itself, what amazed me was my uncoloured courage to go out and say it aloud, which I never thought possible. It is what I am – me being authentic and happy.

I know I may have to refine my purpose statement. But as of now I am grateful that I got the courage to say it out loudly for myself.