Gratitude #28: The Push and the Pull

I just published my 6th blog in a row in 6 days – at my personal website – SathyaWrites.

I never had that consistency.

Sometimes you feel you want to do something so badly! You plan for it. Strategise. And schedule!

But, nothing happens 🙂

But there are some other times, when you don’t plan. Don’t intent. Never even think about it. But you feel like things automatically happen!

I felt that happen today.

Mark Forster talks about this as ‘push’ versus ‘pull’ mode of achieving one’s goal. Most of the time, our instinct tells us to use the ego-centered ‘push’ mode – we even get amazing things get done. No kidding!

But it is so stressful! Even I end up hating the person I have become after that push and prode. The achievement itself takes a back seat.

Have you felt like that ever before?

But this time, it was different. 6 posts in 6 days with perfect consistency. I am feeling like divinity in action.

I thank that all-encompassing providence for such a intervention. And this makes it the 7th post in a row!

Thank You!



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