Gratitude #30 Fear of Unknown – Lifted

There was an important meeting I had to attend. And the long journey to the city didn’t help.

While contemplating upon the what to do, I chanced upon using Seneca’s Negative Visualization exercise. I imagined what is the worst possible scenario that could happen during the meeting.

  1. The person on the other side of the table simply may not have the same purpose in taking this assignment
  2. I was imagining what if I was not able to convince the other party to arrive at a mutually beneficial consensus.
  3. Despite the conversation, nothing may go forward

While it was scary for me to think through the worst-case scenario, it slowly brought an unusual sense of ‘tranquility’. I told myself, ‘Even it happens, it is okay!’.

But what happened was whole different story. I had a great conversation. The person on the other side was more prepared and in fact planned out how to take things forward. It was great!

I thank god for making this event happen in such a smooth way.

I recommend you to take a minute to thing of those moments, events that might have scared you, but eventually turned out well. Take it as an opportunity to feel grateful for the providence in play. Thank you, God!


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