Gratitude #31 Simple Living, High Thinking

It is a 4 hours bus ride from Dindigul to Coimbatore. My wife knew with. We could afford a taxi. But my wife, chose to use to the bus. This despite us traveling with our 9-month old baby girl.


I’ve been intensely thinking of the theory of non-possession proposed by Gandhi. Interestingly, the current discussions on new-age minimalism seems to be reflecting Gandhi’s wisdom – ‘Simple Living, High Thinking’.

One of the hardest battle, I thought I had to face is the support from my wife and family. But the above incident proved me wrong.

I was rather surprised when my wife told me it is better to get accustomed to traveling in the bus – not just to save money. I was overwhelmed with her sensitivity.

I am grateful to be supported to explore a minimalistic life style – to live or at least approximate to Gandhi’s maxim of ‘simple living and high thinking.’

Thank you, God!


P.S: While we were traveling we witnessed that a couple is traveling with their 3-month old baby.



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