Gratitude #32 I’m Sick and I’m Happy About It

When asked on Quora, “How does James Altucher blog so consistently?”

James answered, “There’s no secret answer. The reality is I feel sick when I don’t write after about two days. Physically ill. I don’t say this in some pseudo-artistic way. Like, I must create art or die!”

It seems that I am also scarily, but happily, getting this illness. I feel not right on days when I don’t write.

I’ve come to the point that I need to write everyday:

  • to think,
  • to ideate and
  • to heal.

Writing helps me to release myself.

I am writing every day consistently for the past few days.

10 days.

7928 words.

That’s quite an achievement for me.

I thank God for giving me not only the skill, but also the opportunity and inspiration to keep this going. I hope to continue my writing.


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