Gratitude #34: A Journey Towards My Dream

In the last week alone, I sold 2 Fiverr Gigs.

A small thing.

But a great accomplishment for me on my journey to make my dream come true.

Buy Bewilder-Rumi

I will send you not 5, but 10 lifestyle entrepreneur books for $5

I will make you the LUCKIEST guy in the planet in 20 minutes for $5

I will send you BBC all time top 100 best novels

Thank You, God!


Gratitude #33: Consistency

I checked my old notebook.

It was 03/07/2016. A Sunday. My first FV list was made (image 1).

FV list-old   FV list-new

I don’t like habits. Consistency was never easy.

This is end of Week #7. I still make a list (image 2, dated 18/08/2016) – Mark Forster’s Final Version Time Management system. As they say, any productivity system works well. For a week.

An exception. I’m surprised.

Consistency-James Clear

I thank God, to let me build this consistency. 

What was the behavior/ routine that you build consistency?