Gratitude #36, 37, 38: Life is Full of Unexpected Surprises

I was searching for an inspiration. An inspiration to make a list. As you must already know, I am obsessed with list making. So when I don’t come up with an idea to make a list, I become anxious.

But I got help. When I googled for ‘list making ideas’, I got this.

List Love: 101 List Prompts For Your Art Journals.

I randomly chose the number 89 on the list. It said,

Things You Didn’t Plan: Life is full of unexpected surprises. What good things have happened in your life that you didn’t plan?”

I immediately took to making a list.

What good things happened in your life that you didn’t plan for? 

Here is the list I came up with.

Gratitude #36: A Divine Partnership: I and my wife recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary. I couldn’t be more grateful. No, my life didn’t drastically change after marriage (even if it did, I think my ego wouldn’t accept it). So, here I write – my first best thing that happened in my life is my marriage – and a divine partnership with my wife. It’s really hard to live with me – have enough proofs. She has not only put up with me – but also loves me unconditionally. More than that the partnership turned out to be my luckiest charm. It wasn’t planned.

Gratitude #37: Job: Yes, it’s a rare mix when one’s aspiration, one’s skill sets matches in a job. More so that it rewards one handsomely with good pay. I recently transitioned to a new job. The job is giving me enough breathing space to be relaxed, to exercise my thinking and creative skills. Besides, I able to maintain a work-life balance. I couldn’t have asked nothing better than this. Thank you God for that. It wasn’t planned.

Gratitude #38: The Little Angel: When my father first saw here, he said, ‘kutti devadai‘, meaning little angel in Tamil. A gift – she is – my daughter. Such joy she brings everyday to us. This wasn’t planned. 

When I writing about it, I realized that I may have not gotten what I wanted, but I got everything I needed. Nothing was planned.

Life indeed is full of surprises.


Though small, I recommend you to try this exercise out.

What good things happened in your life that you didn’t plan? Take a moment to relive those surprises.

And don’t forget to share those with me and our community by commenting below. 

God bless!

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