8 Things I learnt from 10 Days of Gratitude Journaling

So you know I am big on gratitude journaling. I even started a blog to count my blessings (literally) – 1000gratitudes.

One of the best formats that I found was the Five Minute Journal. Tim Ferriss says the 5 minute daily exercise revolutionized his morning routine.

The Five Minute Journal is one of the simplest ways I have found to consistently ensure improving my well-being and happiness. Both in terms of achievement and actual measureable, quantifiable results.”


So, I was tempted to give it a try. No, I did not buy the uber-expensive journal, I simply made a DIY version of it. It started on 17th Oct. I have consolidated the learning as on 27th Oct. I missed a day 26th Day.

Totaling 10 days. One of the key concepts in the 5 minutes journal is the gratitude journaling part of it. Here are few things I learnt from it.

8 things I learnt from 10 days of Gratitude journaling

  1. I apparently noted ‘progress’ – both at work, personal and at spiritual plane. I am assuming this was inspired my recent understanding on progress as against achievement.
  2. I have not failed to be grateful for my good health. Reflecting upon it, I just realized that I had one of the best weeks in following up with my physical exercise routines. I am just trying to make a connection whether being grateful made me appreciate my health better and subsequently took more consistent effort keeping it there. A point worth pondering.
  3. Not trying to be boastful, but I feel that the past 2 weeks had been one of my best productive weeks. My gratitude journal reflects that I have been noting increased will-power as evidenced by consistency in my writing, exercise and work habits.
  4. Every other alternative day, I have noted a good night sleep to be grateful of. I have even attempted at being poetic about the experience.
    • ‘I am grateful for cool air and warm bed, last night.’
    • ‘I am grateful for cold night and warm sleep, yesterday night.’
  5. I always had an insatiable thirst to ‘to learn’. I have taken time to appreciate the time and space I was to quench my thirst.
  6. Overwhelmingly, I have been noted gratitude for my loving family, friends – for their love, support and care. I have my reasons. They are indeed one of my richest blessings 🙂
  7. Spirituality had once in a while been appreciated. I have noted being grateful for the  peace of mind and contentment of soul.
  8. I remember the growing sense of clarity of my vision and increasing opportunity to make it come true. Being a deeply spiritual person, I’ve been noting my appreciation for the same.

Few More Interesting Observations

Interestingly, almost everything I noted in my gratitude journal are easy to achieve, in fact it’s right there – for free.

  • Good health, peace of mind and caring relationship were all that mattered.
  • Progress and meaning were more important than achievement and ambition.
  • More than what was in the journal – to realize what was absent was yet another pleasant surprise. I noted nothing related to
    • wealth or luxury,
    • having/ owning anything,
    • competing/ conquering/ winning,

None of the above were there.

It feels true that the more one feels blessed, the more blessed one becomes. In other words, the more things I felt grateful for, the more things I felt I had to be grateful for.

Realizing the benefit of the gratitude journaling and the structure the Five Minute Journal is giving me, I have committed to continue this practice.


I highly recommend the same to you.

Happy Journaling!

This post was originally published at SathyaWrites.com.


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