Gratitude #39: Simplest Way to Happiness

“Abundance can be had simply by consciously
receiving what has already been given.”
— Sufi Saying

The past 5 months at my new job has been the most productive.

  • Most productive in my writing/ blogging,
  • Most productive at work, and
  • More importantly most balanced – had the luxury to spend quality time with my family.

To say that is an achievement is an understatement.

Dr.Christine Carter has this to say,
“Everywhere I go, people ask me this one question: “If you had to pick just one thing that could make me happier right now, what would it be?” …
I believe an authentic moment of gratitude is the simplest way to boost our happiness — especially when we’re feeling stressed or wishing for more of something…like more time, or more money.
When we aren’t seeing what we appreciate in our lives in a given moment, often it is because we are stewing about unfulfilled expectations, or because we believe that we don’t have what we “should” have. We are uncomfortable in some way, and we feel entitled to our comfort. Entitlement makes us more likely to feel disappointed when we don’t get what we think we want, rather than grateful for what we already have.”

I too believe that gratitude is the simplest way to boost one’s happiness. Do take a moment to write what you are grateful for. You are indeed blessed and take the time to cherish it.