Gratitude #50: Heaven. A Night With the Most Beautiful Girl in the World

This post was originally published in SathyaWrites.

‘Heaven. It was.’ I told my friend. He knew it.

My work keeps me busy – at office and at home. My family doesn’t take that nicely. The uneventful travel plans add to their misery. So most of the time, my daughter doesn’t get to sleep with us. She usually sleeps in the ‘thottil’ with her grandmother on the side.

That day, it was different. The grandmother has gone back to the native. We didn’t have an option. We had to accommodate our little girl to sleep with us. And making an 1-year old sleep with the adults in not an ordinary feat. Just ask my wife who lost her sleep.

It was bit different for me.

The cuddles, the little noises, the naughtiness, the kisses.

It was HEAVEN. My little girl sleeping with me.

It’s incredible! So unforgettable.

Joy in Small Little Things

The greatest gifts in life come in small packages.

  • Late night fight with the loved ones
  • A leisurely walk
  • A tea in the late evening
  • Listening to that old song
  • A hearty meal
  • An afternoon nap
  • Unexpected phone call
  • A surprise party with friends

Let us rejoice in the little things and lose our temptation for everything big!

Let us let go off ambition and carve for meaning!

Take this very moment to think of those little things – those little moments of joy.

Remember that this is Heaven. For the Kingdom of God is right here, right now!