Gratitude #39: Simplest Way to Happiness

“Abundance can be had simply by consciously
receiving what has already been given.”
— Sufi Saying

The past 5 months at my new job has been the most productive.

  • Most productive in my writing/ blogging,
  • Most productive at work, and
  • More importantly most balanced – had the luxury to spend quality time with my family.

To say that is an achievement is an understatement.

Dr.Christine Carter has this to say,
“Everywhere I go, people ask me this one question: “If you had to pick just one thing that could make me happier right now, what would it be?” …
I believe an authentic moment of gratitude is the simplest way to boost our happiness — especially when we’re feeling stressed or wishing for more of something…like more time, or more money.
When we aren’t seeing what we appreciate in our lives in a given moment, often it is because we are stewing about unfulfilled expectations, or because we believe that we don’t have what we “should” have. We are uncomfortable in some way, and we feel entitled to our comfort. Entitlement makes us more likely to feel disappointed when we don’t get what we think we want, rather than grateful for what we already have.”

I too believe that gratitude is the simplest way to boost one’s happiness. Do take a moment to write what you are grateful for. You are indeed blessed and take the time to cherish it.


Gratitude #36, 37, 38: Life is Full of Unexpected Surprises

I was searching for an inspiration. An inspiration to make a list. As you must already know, I am obsessed with list making. So when I don’t come up with an idea to make a list, I become anxious.

But I got help. When I googled for ‘list making ideas’, I got this.

List Love: 101 List Prompts For Your Art Journals.

I randomly chose the number 89 on the list. It said,

Things You Didn’t Plan: Life is full of unexpected surprises. What good things have happened in your life that you didn’t plan?”

I immediately took to making a list.

What good things happened in your life that you didn’t plan for? 

Here is the list I came up with.

Gratitude #36: A Divine Partnership: I and my wife recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary. I couldn’t be more grateful. No, my life didn’t drastically change after marriage (even if it did, I think my ego wouldn’t accept it). So, here I write – my first best thing that happened in my life is my marriage – and a divine partnership with my wife. It’s really hard to live with me – have enough proofs. She has not only put up with me – but also loves me unconditionally. More than that the partnership turned out to be my luckiest charm. It wasn’t planned.

Gratitude #37: Job: Yes, it’s a rare mix when one’s aspiration, one’s skill sets matches in a job. More so that it rewards one handsomely with good pay. I recently transitioned to a new job. The job is giving me enough breathing space to be relaxed, to exercise my thinking and creative skills. Besides, I able to maintain a work-life balance. I couldn’t have asked nothing better than this. Thank you God for that. It wasn’t planned.

Gratitude #38: The Little Angel: When my father first saw here, he said, ‘kutti devadai‘, meaning little angel in Tamil. A gift – she is – my daughter. Such joy she brings everyday to us. This wasn’t planned. 

When I writing about it, I realized that I may have not gotten what I wanted, but I got everything I needed. Nothing was planned.

Life indeed is full of surprises.


Though small, I recommend you to try this exercise out.

What good things happened in your life that you didn’t plan? Take a moment to relive those surprises.

And don’t forget to share those with me and our community by commenting below. 

God bless!

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Gratitude #33: Consistency

I checked my old notebook.

It was 03/07/2016. A Sunday. My first FV list was made (image 1).

FV list-old   FV list-new

I don’t like habits. Consistency was never easy.

This is end of Week #7. I still make a list (image 2, dated 18/08/2016) – Mark Forster’s Final Version Time Management system. As they say, any productivity system works well. For a week.

An exception. I’m surprised.

Consistency-James Clear

I thank God, to let me build this consistency. 

What was the behavior/ routine that you build consistency? 

Gratitude #32 I’m Sick and I’m Happy About It

When asked on Quora, “How does James Altucher blog so consistently?”

James answered, “There’s no secret answer. The reality is I feel sick when I don’t write after about two days. Physically ill. I don’t say this in some pseudo-artistic way. Like, I must create art or die!”

It seems that I am also scarily, but happily, getting this illness. I feel not right on days when I don’t write.

I’ve come to the point that I need to write everyday:

  • to think,
  • to ideate and
  • to heal.

Writing helps me to release myself.

I am writing every day consistently for the past few days.

10 days.

7928 words.

That’s quite an achievement for me.

I thank God for giving me not only the skill, but also the opportunity and inspiration to keep this going. I hope to continue my writing.

Gratitude #31 Simple Living, High Thinking

It is a 4 hours bus ride from Dindigul to Coimbatore. My wife knew with. We could afford a taxi. But my wife, chose to use to the bus. This despite us traveling with our 9-month old baby girl.


I’ve been intensely thinking of the theory of non-possession proposed by Gandhi. Interestingly, the current discussions on new-age minimalism seems to be reflecting Gandhi’s wisdom – ‘Simple Living, High Thinking’.

One of the hardest battle, I thought I had to face is the support from my wife and family. But the above incident proved me wrong.

I was rather surprised when my wife told me it is better to get accustomed to traveling in the bus – not just to save money. I was overwhelmed with her sensitivity.

I am grateful to be supported to explore a minimalistic life style – to live or at least approximate to Gandhi’s maxim of ‘simple living and high thinking.’

Thank you, God!


P.S: While we were traveling we witnessed that a couple is traveling with their 3-month old baby.