Gratitude #50: Heaven. A Night With the Most Beautiful Girl in the World

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‘Heaven. It was.’ I told my friend. He knew it.

My work keeps me busy – at office and at home. My family doesn’t take that nicely. The uneventful travel plans add to their misery. So most of the time, my daughter doesn’t get to sleep with us. She usually sleeps in the ‘thottil’ with her grandmother on the side.

That day, it was different. The grandmother has gone back to the native. We didn’t have an option. We had to accommodate our little girl to sleep with us. And making an 1-year old sleep with the adults in not an ordinary feat. Just ask my wife who lost her sleep.

It was bit different for me.

The cuddles, the little noises, the naughtiness, the kisses.

It was HEAVEN. My little girl sleeping with me.

It’s incredible! So unforgettable.

Joy in Small Little Things

The greatest gifts in life come in small packages.

  • Late night fight with the loved ones
  • A leisurely walk
  • A tea in the late evening
  • Listening to that old song
  • A hearty meal
  • An afternoon nap
  • Unexpected phone call
  • A surprise party with friends

Let us rejoice in the little things and lose our temptation for everything big!

Let us let go off ambition and carve for meaning!

Take this very moment to think of those little things – those little moments of joy.

Remember that this is Heaven. For the Kingdom of God is right here, right now!


8 Things I learnt from 10 Days of Gratitude Journaling

So you know I am big on gratitude journaling. I even started a blog to count my blessings (literally) – 1000gratitudes.

One of the best formats that I found was the Five Minute Journal. Tim Ferriss says the 5 minute daily exercise revolutionized his morning routine.

The Five Minute Journal is one of the simplest ways I have found to consistently ensure improving my well-being and happiness. Both in terms of achievement and actual measureable, quantifiable results.”


So, I was tempted to give it a try. No, I did not buy the uber-expensive journal, I simply made a DIY version of it. It started on 17th Oct. I have consolidated the learning as on 27th Oct. I missed a day 26th Day.

Totaling 10 days. One of the key concepts in the 5 minutes journal is the gratitude journaling part of it. Here are few things I learnt from it.

8 things I learnt from 10 days of Gratitude journaling

  1. I apparently noted ‘progress’ – both at work, personal and at spiritual plane. I am assuming this was inspired my recent understanding on progress as against achievement.
  2. I have not failed to be grateful for my good health. Reflecting upon it, I just realized that I had one of the best weeks in following up with my physical exercise routines. I am just trying to make a connection whether being grateful made me appreciate my health better and subsequently took more consistent effort keeping it there. A point worth pondering.
  3. Not trying to be boastful, but I feel that the past 2 weeks had been one of my best productive weeks. My gratitude journal reflects that I have been noting increased will-power as evidenced by consistency in my writing, exercise and work habits.
  4. Every other alternative day, I have noted a good night sleep to be grateful of. I have even attempted at being poetic about the experience.
    • ‘I am grateful for cool air and warm bed, last night.’
    • ‘I am grateful for cold night and warm sleep, yesterday night.’
  5. I always had an insatiable thirst to ‘to learn’. I have taken time to appreciate the time and space I was to quench my thirst.
  6. Overwhelmingly, I have been noted gratitude for my loving family, friends – for their love, support and care. I have my reasons. They are indeed one of my richest blessings 🙂
  7. Spirituality had once in a while been appreciated. I have noted being grateful for the  peace of mind and contentment of soul.
  8. I remember the growing sense of clarity of my vision and increasing opportunity to make it come true. Being a deeply spiritual person, I’ve been noting my appreciation for the same.

Few More Interesting Observations

Interestingly, almost everything I noted in my gratitude journal are easy to achieve, in fact it’s right there – for free.

  • Good health, peace of mind and caring relationship were all that mattered.
  • Progress and meaning were more important than achievement and ambition.
  • More than what was in the journal – to realize what was absent was yet another pleasant surprise. I noted nothing related to
    • wealth or luxury,
    • having/ owning anything,
    • competing/ conquering/ winning,

None of the above were there.

It feels true that the more one feels blessed, the more blessed one becomes. In other words, the more things I felt grateful for, the more things I felt I had to be grateful for.

Realizing the benefit of the gratitude journaling and the structure the Five Minute Journal is giving me, I have committed to continue this practice.


I highly recommend the same to you.

Happy Journaling!

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Gratitude #19 – 23: Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Gratitude-Zig ZiglarI was recently browsing through the net on negative thinking and of course on positive thinking. I came across this wonderful article, 10 Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts at TinyBuddha blog.

Tip #9 states: “List five things that you are grateful for right now.”

I immediately took my pen and notebook to write it down. Here is my list:

The writer states, ‘Being grateful helps appreciate what you already have.’ I couldn’t agree more with her.

  • Gratitude #19: While millions of people are out there working in the sun, I am happy to be here working in a comfortable and relaxing environment.
  • Gratitude #20: I’m happy to have enough wealth and abundance that I don’t have to worry about the next meal of the day.
  • Gratitude #21: I’m grateful for the wonderful family (my wife, my cute little girl, my parents and others) for their support – and who actually put up with my tantrums and still accept me. And still wish me well! (You can’t beat that!)
  • Gratitude #22: More than two-thirds of world population can’t read this. Even more, don’t have access to this information that you are currently reading now. I’m simply grateful to the amount of access to such knowledge and wisdom that enrich my life everyday.
  • Gratitude #23: It is an opportunity, a blessing indeed, bestowed upon me to have the responsibility to serve the low-income communities from the bottom of the pyramid (BoP) segment. After all, I am the Manager for BoP programs in my company. Gratitude for that 🙂

So now take your pen and paper. What is your five things that you are grateful for right now?

Gratitude # 12: When God Manifests in Children

My mom shared a gyaan when she said, “It is for this exact reasons you have children. Even 1000 eyes wouldn’t suffice.” On another note, my father quipped, “Kutty Devadai!” (Little Angel). They were talking about my cute little daughter.

I was amazed to look at the smile in my daughter’s face and blessed to be sharing time with her. I am thankful for God – that it is not that she is in our hands; we are with her hands.